The pneumatic vices are used for clamping workpiece on machine tools such as machining centers, drilling machines, transfer machines and they may also be used for assembly of various products. The clamping of the workpiece takes place through a collet interchangeably housed inside the device; the advantage compared to other clamping systems is the perfect centering of the workpiece. The closing and opening of the collet takes place with pneumatic drive without use of springs for sleeve return.The external body of the device is designed to be fixed on the machine tool in both horizontal and vertical position.

Description and Specifications

The pneumatic vices are produced with certified top quality steel and they are tempered and grinded. All production cycle is carried out in our factory in Italy with high precision machines and is carefully controlled. Thanks to the availability of stock, we can usually ship the material the same day as order is received.

Further Information

Vices type 772 are designed with a double-acting pneumatic system and have a power multipler with levers, enabling high piece closing force, although the overall dimensions are considerably smaller than standard pneumatic vices. The support tops for vertical and horizontal fastening and the collet closing system are fully ground and guarantee piece closing linearity of < 0.02. The vice’s characteristics make it suitable both for single use on traditional machines and for multiple production in machining centres. In this case usually we produce a sub-plate to lock together a varied number of vices according to customer needs.


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