Collets and nuts ERC DIN 6499 are used on a broad range of production machines for tool clamping. The concentricity clamping is available with standard or high-precision accuracy. They can also be supplied with the internal square to tighten the males and sealed for internal coolant. Chia-mo also produces nuts ERC DIN 6499 standard, mini, hexagonal. Nuts with external thread with holes or with hexagon and sealed nuts for the internal coolant.

Description and Specifications

Collets and nuts ERC DIN 6499 are produced with certified top quality steel and they are tempered and grinded. All production cycle is carried out in our factory in Italy with high precision machines and is carefully controlled. Thanks to the availability of stock, we can usually ship the material the same day as order is received.

Further Information

Chia-mo produces a special series of ERC collets with reduced section in order to fit on various types of collet diameters larger than standard commercially available. We can also perform collets with decimal measure and we can also produce special collets and nuts on customer request.


ER Collets DIN 6499 – ER Tapping collets with internal square – ER Tapping collet with extension – ER Reamer collets – ER Sealed collets for coolant through tools – Clamping nuts for ER collets – Sealed nuts for coolant through tools – Wrenchs for clamping nuts.